Pewter Plough Playhouse

A Jewel Box of Community Theatres on the Central Coast of California

Remainder of 2017  and the 2018 SEASON  

Aug 25 - Oct 1, 2017


The play takes place in a once elegant townhouse in Manhattan, the home of Isabel Hastings Hoyt, an aging but still charming recluse who had been a glittering figure in the literary salons of the 1920s. Now short of money, Mrs. Hoyt is concerned about the future of her granddaughter, Virginia, a twice-divorced near-alcoholic whom she hopes to see securely married before she herself, as she puts it, "kicks the bucket." In earlier years, Mrs. Hoyt was friend and confidante of many world figures, especially F. Scott Fitzgerald who, it is rumored, used her as the model of Daisy in The Great Gatsby. This fact leads Tom, an ambitious young academic, to seek her out. Tom believes that Mrs. Hoyt possesses an unpublished chapter from Gatsby which depicts passionate lovemaking between Gatsby and Daisy, a literary treasure which he is determined to procure no matter how devious the means. It is this obsession that sets up the increasingly complex and perilous relationship which develops between the three protagonists—a relationship that, inexorably, leads to the startling and ironic denouement of the play.         (Dramatist Service)  

Directed by Gene Strohl
Cast:  Anne Young, Toni Young, Tim Linzey    

Oct 29 - Nov 26, 2017

THE LAST FLAPPER  by William Luce

Based on her letters and stories, this exciting play is the definitive portrait of Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald: the glamorous, fun loving and tragic Zelda. As in The Belle of Amherst, Lucifer's Child, and Bronte, Luce reveals the contradictions and mysteries of an extraordinary woman while fashioning a moving yet witty play. Set in an insane asylum on the last day of Zelda's life, the play unfolds as a hypnotic session. Zelda tells of her innocent rebellion as a southern belle, of her destructive marriage and of her mental disintegration.       (Samuel French)

Dec 26, 2017 - Jan 21, 2018

PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT, Tennessee Williams

As described in The New York Times: "Mr. Williams is telling the story of two marriages at points of acute crisis. One couple has just broken up after five years together. The other has not been able to come to terms in one day of wedlock. Both couples are living through a period of adjustment. The phrase is tinged with irony. The play examines the sources of the crisis. Ralph Bates, a former war hero, has in-law trouble. George Haverstick, a war buddy who unexpectedly visits him on Christmas Eve with his bride of a day, has the shakes; his difficulty seems to be a fear of impotence. The end is happy, as comedy requires. The four go to bed—in the right combinations." In calling his play a "serious comedy," Mr. Williams puts his finger on its most unique aspect, for this is a work which combines a humorous viewpoint with deep-seated concern for a very real, human situation.      (Samuel French)

Feb 16 - Mar 25, 2018

KITCHEN WITCHES by Caroline Smith

Apr 20 - May 27, 2018

SOCIAL SECURITY by Andrew Bergman

JUN 22 - JUL29, 2018


Aug 24 - Sep 30, 2018


Oct 26 - Dec 2, 2018

CUT by Crystal Stillman

Dec 28, 2018 - Feb 3, 2019

BLOOD BROTHERS by Willy Russell